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This piece focuses on the radiant marital covenant of the bridegroom with Jesus Christ as expressed through the traditional Filipino candle dance, “pandanggo sa Ilaw,” translated to fandango with lights. As we present ourselves as the bride of Christ, without spot or blemish, we communally gather to pass down and celebrate our testimonies of pure love.

Choreography by Elijah Richardson

Lighting by Elijah RichardsonVideography by Luke Gaie

Music: “brot” by Ólafur Arnauds; “Pandanggo Sa Ilaw” Arr. by Paul Adrian Moldez; “Pandanggo Sa Ilaw” by Bayanihan Philippines Dance Company

Dancers: Lyvia Baldner, McKenna Brooks, Yeltsin Canini, Sem Houmes, Courtney Jefferies, Hannah Kabler, Elyanna Kim, Izzy Lee, Moriah Marks, James Murray, Camille Sutton, Jaeda Swindell, Bess Trew

Zion Dance Project Summer Series 2023

Venue: Lewisville Grand Theater, Lewisville, TX

July 2023

Credit: Choreographer

*Inquire for Restaging/Performances

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